Why I Chose the FUJI X-T3

Want to skip the video and scan through the details? Okay! In a nutshell, I’ve been freelancing for 5 years and shoot primarily video with occasional corporate photography contracts. I needed something professional, versatile, compact, and future-proofed to an extent (I know, DEMANDS- right?).

Here are the 5 MAIN REASONS why I chose the Fuji X-T3 over the Sony A7iii to run my freelance videography business.


While the Sony A7iii shoots up to 120 fps in 1080p, it caps at just 30 fps in 4K. Lame. With most of my projects requiring 60 fps, and the demand for 4K increasing, this was a no-brainer for me. To the Sony users who are getting all fluffed up about this statement- yes, I am aware that you can upscale your 1080p footage, but let’s be real folks- it’s garbage. The Fuji X-T3 shoots stunning 60 fps in 4K, with that classic Fuji colour profile that can’t be beat.


I’ll preface this by saying if photography was my primary activity, the Sony A7iii would have won with its’ full frame sensor. However. Seeing as I shoot a lot of candid b-roll and wedding films, getting more zoom out of my lenses was ideal. Most of my shots are cropped and cinematic, so the APS-C wasn’t bad news for me. To top it off, the Fuji X-T3 has one of the best APS-C sensors on the market (for now, but it’s tech, so give it another 2 weeks).


The Sony A7 iii is currently priced at $2600 CND, body only. The Fuji X-T3 comes in at $1900. As a small business owner, numbers matter. Especially when I didn’t feel as though the extra $600 would translate its’ value in a drastic way. The tech within the Sony body (especially being full-frame), definitely has a lot to do with the price jump. But as reason 2 describes, it wasn’t a necessary feature, so I’m not paying for it. It’s worth acknowledging that Fuji is still an underdog in the mirrorless market (competitive pricing perhaps?), with Sony being a strong market leader.


Granted, this was a REASON for purchase, but it certainly helped make the transition a little easier. Fuji has an impressive line-up of mirrorless optimized lenses, all reasonably priced. I always choke a little on the word “reasonable” when it comes to camera gear because it’s STEEP. But you know, all relative.


All tech opinions aside, Fuji does a great job with the aesthetic appeal of their camera bodies. This particular model comes in black and silver. I opted for silver because, why not; It’s a beautiful piece of equipment. Not to mention, I love the reaction I get from old timers when they find out it ISN’T a film camera.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. Stay tuned for more content about videography and freelancing ;)