We live in an age where video is readily accessible.  While some view this as a burden, we see it as an opportunity to preserve life's most precious moments. What a gift it would be, to watch your wedding with your grand-daughter, many years to come. Or perhaps, to relive your child's first birthday party. Whether it's a wedding or anniversary, celebration of life, or any other milestone you wish to cherish, video will keep those precious memories vivid for years to come. 



Video is a fantastic medium for preserving the true, raw energy of an event. Whether for corporate functions, fundraisers, or birthday parties, your event can now live on, long after the sugar highs have worn off and the clean-up crew heads home.



Storytelling is the lens through which we can relive the past. While fictional tales carry their weight in value, it's non-fiction that really peaks our interest. Here is a video we produced with the help of Leahurst College. Here, we share a glimpse into a time before our own, as told and taught by Lloyd Shales.



Do you have a message you want to share, but aren't quite sure how to share it with the right people? For small businesses and personal brands, video is the solution to an on-going problem. Introduce yourself, and leave an impression on your audience in a way that a blog post or photo simply can't.


More Stories, Please.

We've had the opportunity to work with wonderful, talented, and passionate people, helping them capture the moment, and share their story. Here are a few more examples of the captivating power of video.