Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is included in a Wedding Film?
A: A Wedding Film includes pieces from your entire day, all wrapped up into one beautiful segment. The average length of a wedding film is 9 to 12 minutes, and includes 3 songs (see details below). In addition to music, we weave audio from your speeches and ceremony throughout the film, giving it that true cinematic feel. We start our day with bride and groom prep, followed by your ceremony, cocktail hour, and formal reception (bridal party entry, speeches, first dances). In addition to the major events, what makes a Wedding Film beautiful is all the candid moments that happen throughout the day.

Q: Will we receive the raw footage?
A: While you do have the option to purchase the raw footage, we do not suggest it as we do not believe it is necessary. Given the length of the wedding films (8 to 9 minutes), and the meticulous editing process, we ensure that your wedding film includes all of things you'd want to see, and nothing that you don't. Besides, raw footage is messy, shakey, and sort of embarrassing for us as the shooters! We too, only want to show you our good side ;)

Q: What if we would also like our speeches and ceremony as separate videos?
A: We can absolutely offer you these videos as an add-on. Just be sure to mention that in our first date call ;)

Q: We love your work! What's the next step?
A: Well, thanks! And thank you for taking the time to view our wedding films. We do what we love best :) The next step would be to fill out a short questionnaire and book a First Date Skype call. This call is important as it allows us to get to know each other, and is a first step in establishing if we are a good fit.  Given the high number of inquiries and bookings, we want to make sure with Mr. & Mrs. Right. If all goes well, we hope to book a second date to discuss payment and booking details.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?
A: We may decide after our First Date Skype call that we are a match made in heaven. Yay! In order to complete a booking, we require a $500 non-refundable deposit. This deposit goes directly towards your total balance, and secures our services for your big day. The outstanding balance is due 14 days before the wedding, and may be paid in as many installments as you wish. Every payment is accounted for, and met with an updated invoice.

Q: I'm worried that a videographer will get in the way of my photographer. How do you avoid this?
A: I would like to preface this answer by saying that we have never had a negative or obstructive encounter with a photographer. Our approach to video capture is very behind-the-scenes. This means that we do not "compete" with your photographer to capture any given moment up-close. In fact, we give them priority. Because video allows for a "bigger picture" of any given occurrence, our opportunity for capture is exponentially higher than that of a photographer.  That being said, we make sure that the moment has been documented, but do so in a way that is from a candid, stepped-back perspective. The only time we will be "directing" you (the couple), is when your photographer has pulled you aside for the couple photos. This is where we can get up-close and personal without distracting you from the day's events. Otherwise, we are silent observers. Most couples forget we were even there! Additionally, we often become good friends with the photographers we shoot along side ;)

Q: How many shooters do you have on-site?
A: We have at-most 2 shooters on site, and only for the time that is necessary. In a busy space, we believe less is more. Pre-ceremony capture is split between 2 shooters; one with the bride, and one with the groom. Ceremony capture requires 2 shooters, both of which remain on the outer perimeter of your ceremony space. You may decide to have a second shooter remain on site to capture guests at your cocktail hour while you are away having your couple photos and video captured. We aim to be down to 1 videographer by dinner time.  

Q: How long will it take to receive my final Wedding Film?
A: You can expect to receive your wedding film within 10 to 12 weeks. It can be delivered via online transfer, or mailed to you on a USB.