Having a long background in music makes The Creative Nest a good fit for musicians who are looking to take their careers to the next level.  From interviews and live performances to narrative music videos and band photography, we can produce the content you need to reach your fan base at rates that won't kill the dream.  


But First...Let Me Take Your Selfie! While we love the video end of things, we also have an eye (and the gear) for photography.  Whether you`re just looking to have a few shots taken at a show or some staged glamour pics for your marketing material, we`ve got you covered from all angles. Well, almost all of them. 

My new album of original songs, Place & Time, required photographs that interpreted and enhanced the concept developed by my layout designer. Tanya Trombetta was eager and positive in her response to my initial inquiry and, grasping the design idea, she suggested a shoot that fit perfectly. I was at ease because of her obvious confidence in her plan for the shoot and the shoot itself was a pleasure due to Tanya’s grasp of the layout vision; her preparation; her professional approach; and her photographic skills.
— Kenneth Paul Cooper